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    Real Stories

    “When driving my bus or talking with my customers, I need to look professional and approachable”

    The Project

    We delivered...

    1,900 uniforms
    18 month collaboration
    48% increase in uniform engagement


    The challenge

    Taking care of the drivers was Lothian Buses’ priority. Equipping staff with uniform that made them feel good and look good enabled the drivers to concentrate on the customer, driving standards and all things that reflected professionalism.

    Why what you wear matters

    Investing in drivers and improving customer experience were Lothian’s core objectives. They wanted to exceed staff and market expectations by changing their focus from price and tradition to quality and longevity.

    Fit for purpose

    Garments were engineered specifically to ensure a precise fit, with fabric that was tested to double the industry requirement. Blazers were designed with functionality at the forefront – adding additional discreet pleats for comfort whilst driving.

    Make it you

    Surveys with staff before and after the launch showed a 48.2% increase in uniform engagement.

    "From the start Murray’s approach to designing Lothian’s new driver uniform was one of partnership and it’s been a pleasure to work with them... By working in collaboration we have ensured that the new uniform is fit for purpose, has a quality feel and is a true reflection of the Lothian identity."
    S.B / Operations Director

    How we do it

    It's an easy process

    Through our fully managed service, we provide uniforms that enhance productivity, performance and brand image. Put simply, we help people look smarter, feel smarter and work smarter.

    How We Do It