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Real Stories

“Whether I’m on the production line or adding the finishing touches, I need to look well-polished.”

The Project

We delivered...

Tailoring – Wearer trials for a perfect fit
Design – Functional and professional design
Reliability – Working in partnership since 2015


The challenge

Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations developed a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Ryton, Coventry, which included a customer viewing area.

With the production team now potentially customer-facing, this created a new challenge for both JLR and Murray.

Why what you wear matters

JLR were looking for a uniform that not only represented their prestige brand, but also performed at a level ensuring the uniform could stand up to the physical work of an engineer but was also highly functional and comfortable for the wearer.

Fit for purpose

Murray facilitated listening groups to gain essential insights into the day to day requirements of each item of workwear. In addition, JLR wanted the uniform to be representative of top class engineers across other sectors, eg Formula1. A series of wearer trials were held to ensure the fit of the garment was accurate.

Make it you

The new dual-colour uniform rolled out at the new facility in Ryton. Feedback from staff about the new range was extremely positive, and they were delighted to have made such an impact themselves into the design.

How we do it

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