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Real Stories - flybe

“Murray demonstrated some excellent sustainable credentials, that aligned with our own objectives”

A spokesperson at flybe

The background…


Airline flybe had the challenge of starting up as a new business that needed a fresh, new uniform. They were looking for garments that were smart but flexible to enable their staff to be comfortable at work while airborne but equally when groundside as well. Another key objective was to produce a uniform with credible sustainable qualities.

Why what you wear matters

While developing a uniform for flybe, Murray were faced with several challenges. Despite bringing back the flybe name, it was a new airline in a very changeable industry, which resulted in various factors causing the launch date to move. Alongside this, launch date coincided with the world experiencing numerous supply chain issues mainly due to a global pandemic. However, Murray’s excellent network of suppliers ensured such problems were dealt with, without it affecting provision of garments.

A new company such as flybe also meant that historical data was unavailable to share with Murray, causing challenges with planning. Murray was up to the task though and excellent communication between both parties was crucial to ensure all possible eventualities were accounted for!

Fit for purpose

Murray developed a uniform that included bespoke items such as a scarf, ties, and jacket buttons. Adding such elements to the blouse, skirt, jacket and shirt options combined to provide a strong, smart uniform for staff, ready to deliver a great service to customers.

A part of the fully managed service Murray provides to clients, a live uniform ordering portal was set up. This helped staff when it came to placing orders and ensured all uniforms were delivered on time for the flybe launch. It was also set up to allow staff to order more uniform through the staff purchase scheme.


Murray delivered a uniform that had a strong and smart look, exactly as Flybe had requested.

Another focus for this project was sustainability. We were able to deliver tailored suits that consisted of 15 recycled plastic bottles. As a business we have also made sure that all uniform deliveries are achieved on a carbon neutral basis, as well as working with them to ensure all old uniforms will be returned to us and recycled properly.