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The background

Car manufacturer the BMW Group wanted to develop and supply uniform to 3 UK plants in line with specifications from their team in Germany, as part of a global workwear project. They were looking for a consistent look across all plants globally with adequate online controls in place for ordering the garments. The client also wanted to ensure that any personalisation, such as name badges were accurate. Murray Uniforms were tasked with providing this and set about this by arranging a wearer trial, which encouraged staff to feedback on their new uniform, providing valuable insight to enable improvements.

Roll out efficiency

The BMW Group required a uniform partner that could provide a new, updated uniform that would be rolled out consistently in each plant. A key requisite was the need for a more organised, online process when it came to placing any orders for their new uniform.

Murray worked hard with the client to ensure they could deliver all the crucial KPIs. By utilising the 3 onsite workwear centres across the UK, they worked closely with their team to measure performance. Monthly reporting provided by Murray showed them how they measured up against agreed KPIs for on time delivery and quality.

Fit for purpose

Garment designs were created by a talented university student from Munich as part of a BMW Group competition. Murray then applied their innovative approach to developing, manufacturing, and delivering the range as well as transforming their ordering processes.

Utilising Murray’s expertise, a wearer trial was carried out to ensure any garments could be altered to match the desired look and fit of the bespoke uniform, that the client had planned for. The outcome of the wearer trial was to gain feedback and valuable insights from those who will be wearing and working in the garments daily. To capture this information a feedback form was issued and scores were marked on fit, comfort and functionality of the garment. Murray then collated all the feedback and used it to determine if the garment was ready to approve or needed any extra finishes. After the first wearer trial, client approval was granted.

Work smarter

At Murray they believe what you wear matters, so with the launch of their uniform they held a number of wearer fitting sessions. These sessions required each member of staff at the individual plants to try on the garments to find their perfect size. Murray staff were on hand to help recommend any size alterations and assist with any measuring required. This activity received a great response from staff and it ensured they would receive the correct size uniform as soon as they ordered it.

In summary

Murray Uniforms were excited to be working in partnership with the BMW Group on this important roll out. Using their fully managed service, they were able to deliver a successful roll out with various ‘work smarter’ activities.