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Operations Team Member

Location – CV2, Walsgrave on Sowe, Warwickshire

Full Time

The following mindset will be required:

  • Values Driven – Total commitment to Company Values at all times, every day.
  • Team Player – This role will involve massive and continual interaction with other staff in theirs and departments and it has to be considerate, professional and effective at all times.
  • Work ethic – desire to work hard and exceed is an essential quality for success.
  • Positive mindset – a belief that we can and will provide market leading service to our customers.
  • Determination – the drive, persistence and tenacious resilience to succeed whatever the weather.
  • Accuracy– the mindset that nothing less than perfect is acceptable, 100% mindset
  • Continuous Improvement– always thinking of how we can become more efficient and slick, thinking of improvements that will benefit our customers.

Targets & KPI’s:

  • 99.5% Accuracy
  • 100% of picks despatched each day
  • 100% of Goods In booked in within 48 hours
  • Internal and External NPS of 60