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Murray’s Technology Evolution

Posted on 11th April 2018

Murray’s recent heavy investment in the latest state-of-the-art embroidery technology brings high-speed scanning and camera digital alignments capability to the Corporate Wear industry.

Taking a closer look at the revolutionary and powerful 10-needle embroidery technology Murray has recently invested in, raises the bar within the industry for logo placement accuracy and embellishment.

This technology designed and manufactured by Brother has some of the most powerful design and editing capabilities ever built into a multi-needle embroidery machine. Just when you think you’ve reached the limits of creative freedom, Murray has set a new benchmark:

  • InnovEye® 2 Technology with high-speed background scanning [5x faster than prior model]
  • Virtual Design Preview™ feature to superimpose design onto project without scanning.
  • Industry-first My Design Center offers new design capabilities all without a PC
  • Industry-first ScanImation™ Scanning frame to scan line art or handwriting, with opportunity to convert into embroidery data.
  • Outline recognition to easily add stipple and fill patterns to an embroidery design.
  • Wireless functionality
  • Powerful onscreen embroidery editing
  • Colour Sort feature to cut down on thread changes, when combining designs.
  • New easy appliqué feature with ability to create multiple appliqués in one hoop


This evolution underlines Murray’s commitment to investing in technology, bringing our clients the efficiencies of speed, continuous improvement in quality, and sustainability benefits from reduced energy consumption.