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Compliance and Law

Murray Uniforms Achieves the Fair Tax Mark for Another Year

Posted on 7th March 2023

Elmdene Group, the parent company of Murray Uniforms and Millboard, has achieved the Fair Tax Mark for the second year.

We are delighted once again to be recognised for paying our taxes responsibly, having been awarded the Mark again by the Fair Tax Accreditation Scheme, the gold standard of responsible tax conduct.

We have always been committed to paying our fair share, so being recognised for another year for paying willingly, fairly, and transparently is a proud achievement.

Tax contributions are vital to businesses’ positive social and economic impact. They help communities deliver valuable public services like education, healthcare, roads, policing, etc.

We are pleased to say we are also in good company. Several other high-profile businesses have also achieved the Fair Tax Mark.

Click here to learn more about the Fair Tax Mark Foundation’s work.