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Does your old uniform end up in landfill?

Posted on 8th October 2018

With increasing pressure on the fashion industry for the disposal of clothing into landfill, and the ‘throwaway’ attitude of today, it raises the question; what can we do within the workwear and uniform sector to reduce end of life uniforms ending up in landfill?

Some of our clients choose to work with us to ensure their end-of-life uniforms are redirected from landfill onto other, more beneficial uses. There are a number of different options we offer to our customers:

Secure destruction: any branding and logos are removed and the clothes chopped into wipes and rags, or shredded and used as fillers and insulation

Shipped to third world countries to benefit people abroad

Murray is also working with several institutions to establish an upcycling programme so clothes can be converted into new clothes and sold in charity shops to support homelessness


“There is so much more we can all do individually to support this cause, but as businesses we could, and should, do even more.”

— Mark Bass, Managing Director

Reducing the 16,000 tonnes a year of end-of-life uniform going into landfill is one of Murray Uniforms’ environmental goals – with a massively increased focus on plastic and paper recycling worldwide, we want to put clothing recycling firmly on the agenda.

Are you in? Together we can create a lasting change.

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