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What you wear matters...
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Through our fully managed service, we provide businesses with a uniform that enhances employee productivity, performance and brand image. Murray offers full wearer trials as part of our service, to create the best possible uniform for every member of staff.

We carried out an industry first Research Report into the effect of uniform on employee happiness and wellbeing. A significant finding uncovered that employees feel 20% happier in a well-made, well-fitted uniform, while being 12% more productive.

If you have any questions or wish to talk with us about any uniform / workwear challenges you have for us to support with, email or call 02476 587980.

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Some of the businesses that trust us to create and deliver quality bespoke uniforms for their brand

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Creating uniforms that work smarter

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What you wear affects your self-perception as well as how you’re perceived by others – the clothes you wear can actually change the way you perform. This is why we apply creativity and science to uniform design. In short, we create clothes that work smarter by using clever design combined with real innovation.

From workwear to suitings, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. Our seamless project delivery services include insightful design, sourcing and manufacture which means all our garments are on trend, personalised and fit for purpose.

Who we work with

Our client relationships go way beyond bespoke uniform design

Read some featured client stories below and learn about key industry sectors we have provided bespoke staff uniforms for.

Client Story / Jaguar Land Rover - SVO

"Whether I’m on the production line or adding the finishing touches, I need to look well-polished"

Uniforms can make you stand tall

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Client Story / Lothian

“I need to look professional and approachable”

Uniforms make you feel part of a team

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Client Story / Southern Coop

"Your uniform represents your work ethic"

Uniforms give you a sense of purpose

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